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Team USA A Sure Favorite For Sochi

Thepuckdoctors.com  -  The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi is right around the corner and the men’s USA Hockey Team is preparing for better success than the previous Olympic loss to Canada in the finals. 227 days


Coach K to return for 2016 Olympics?

Gamedayr.com  -  After leading Team USA to win gold at the 2012 London Games, Duke's Coach K announced he was stepping down from coaching the team. Now, however, he says he may have changed his mind. 336 days


Coach K Has Change of Heart, Will Coach Team USA in 2016

Thehoopdoctors.com  -  During Team USA’s gold medal run during the 2012 Olympics, coach Mike Krzyzewski said that would be his last one. He had been on Team USA’s staff for many years and was thought to be ready to hang it up. However, that’s not he case. Coach K must’ve had a change of heart because he will be back for 2016. 333 days


Gymnast Got Some Ridiculous Backflips!

Youtube.com  -  Talent Of The Week: Gymnast Got Some Ridiculous Backflips! 359 days

Another questionable tweet by Lolo Jones

Losthatsportsblog.com  -  Thursday during the controversial trial involving George Zimmerman and the killed Trayvon Martin, US track star Lolo Jones decided to weigh in with a joke on Twitter regarding the testimony of Rachel Jeantel, a friend of Martin’s that was serving as a witness in the case. 296 days


Lolo Jones involved in bar fight?

Blacksportsonline.com  -  The track and field star was reportedly involved in an altercation that resulted in the U.S. bobsled coach's daughter getting knocked out in a bar. 277 days


Hope Solo has tattoo above her left breast

Larrybrownsports.com  -  Hope Solo has a chest tattoo above her left breast 234 days


Lolo on how to get date with Michael Phelps

Losthatsportsblog.com  -  Well earlier Wednesday, Jones posted a video on her Vine account about how to land a date with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps: 311 days