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Everybody Doesn’t Love Johnny—But They Should

Mvptexas.com  -  Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has certainly been living the life. He has been on set with Megan Fox, partying with Rob Gronkowski, taking pictures with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, hanging out at the Super Bowl, making the late night talk show circuit, sitting court side at NBA games and hanging out with the stars afterwards…

The list of the young man’s good times could roll on a 602 days


Astros Begin New Era in the American League

Mvptexas.com  -  The 2013 MLB season will mark a new era for the Houston Astros. It will be their second full season under current owner Jim Crane. It will be their first in the American League, first with Bo Porter as the manager, and their first in new uniforms. 606 days


A Third NFL Team for Texas?

Mvptexas.com  -  People in Texas love many things. They love good barbecue and an ice cold drink (beer or sweet tea) on a hot summer day. They love their state, and of course their country. With over 26 million people inside its borders there is a plethora of things that folks in Texas love.

There is one thing that is nearly universally loved across all 268,581 square miles—football. 611 days


Business of Football Good for Texas Longhorns—So How About the Football?

Mvptexas.com  -  People love their football in Texas; from pee wee through high school, on into college, and of course the NFL. College football is especially near and dear to the hearts of many with school affiliations often going back generations. 619 days


Texas A&M’s Recruiting Will Be Even Better Come April

Mvptexas.com  -  On Wednesday congratulations rained down for Head Coach Kevin Sumlin and the Texas A&M Aggies. The team is not losing a lot of players to graduation and the NFL, but it is losing some in key positions. To make matters worse, now that the world has seen Johnny Manziel and the A&M offense at work the Aggies will not surprise anyone.... 620 days


Terrell Owens is the Voice of Reason?

Fatmanwriting.com  -  There are some things that we'll never see--pro wrestling become real, gasoline under $2.00 a gallon again, the government operating with a balanced budget, sugar free Twinkies that taste good, the Three Amigos making another movie, a successful spring professional football league-- just to name a few. 632 days


Hot Wing Shortage Leads to Crime as Super Bowl Sunday Approaches

Fatmanwriting.com  -  I have this theory. There are certain days where Man should not think twice about what he eats: his birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Oktoberfest, the Final Four, BCS Championship/Bowl game where your team is playing, and of course the Super Bowl. 632 days


One More Time For Peyton Manning and Jeff Saturday

Fatmanwriting.com  -  For all but two seasons of his career, this year and his last year in Indianapolis (since Peyton was hurt), Jeff Saturday did not snap the ball to anyone other than Peyton Manning (I'm sure there was a little garbage time, but you know what I mean) 634 days