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Not everyone see's what makes Peyton Manning the best

Thepenaltyflagblog.com  -  What makes Peyton Manning the greatest quarterback ever to play in the NFL are the little things. Things that not every fan may notice. 4 hours


Everyone was ready for Maziel, Hoyer pulled us back in

Thepenaltyflagblog.com  -  It took a Shaun Suisham field goal with no time remaining on the clock for the Pittsburgh Steelers to defeat the Browns, but by half time, everyone thought Johnny Manziel was on his way in the game. 46 days



Thepenaltyflagblog.com  -  The biggest issue the NFL needs to tackle! 79 days


Buffalo Bills members of the Hall of Fame, who's next?

Thepenaltyflagblog.com  -  Ralph Wilson Jr., Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Joe DeLamielleure, Marv Levy, Billy Shaw and O.J. Simpson represent the Buffalo Bills in the prestigious NFL Hall of Fame. Here is a look at why they reached the Hall and who could be next for the Buffalo Bills. 85 days


New York Giants are off to a rough start

Thepenaltyflagblog.com  -  After losing some key players in the off-season, the New York Giants may, or may not have what it takes in the upcoming season. Who left, who signed and who will be replacing the injured or retired? 85 days


The Oakland Raiders are on the move

Thepenaltyflagblog.com  -  Are the Raiders on the move? There has been plenty of speculation about the Raiders and if they are staying in Oakland or moving elsewhere. This is a list of possible landing spots for the Oakland Raiders:

86 days


Broncos were forced to make changes

Thepenaltyflagblog.com  -  After an embarrassing showing in the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos had to make some changes – most of these being on defense. The offense has also made some changes; however, it is unlikely the offense, led by the Peyton Manning passing attack, will be slowed down much. 94 days


Tony Romo Will not Lead Dallas to a Super Bowl Win

Thepenaltyflagblog.com  -  Personally, I like Tony Romo. I appreciate his talent, and I respect his desire to play even when hurt. However, I propose three reasons why Tony Romo will not lead Dallas to a Super Bowl win.
95 days