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Best NBA Second Round Draft Picks (Last 20 years)

Sports-kings.com  -  The NBA draft can be arduous at times. You think you have a sure-fire, can’t miss prospect in the lottery and bam draft bust! The pleasant surprises come from the NBA second round draft picks, who often times not much is expected out of them, yet some make a meaningful career. In some cases many go on to be all-stars and Hall of Famers. This list of the best NBA second round draft picks will be f 601 days


Top 15 Best NBA Nicknames (Current)

Sports-kings.com  -  Nicknames are much more prevalent in the NBA than other sports. Not to say there isn’t good nicknames in other sports, but the NBA has been the leader in this department for quite some time. It seems as soon as a great player touches the hardwood, it becomes just a matter of time before a nickname is coined for him. A great nickname stands by a player, and adds to his mystique. Often times these 603 days


Top 10 Hottest NFL Wives

Sports-kings.com  -  Unless you have one hell of a personality, you may need to be an NFL star to be envied among the masses. There’s one thing the following players have in common: They all have drop dead gorgeous counterparts. While you’re in between dinner, Sleepless in Seattle, or a gallon of ice cream, take a look at this day-dream list of the top 10 hottest wives of the NFL that you wish were yours, if only f 606 days


Top 10 Irrationally Confident NBA players

Sports-kings.com  -  The Irrational Confidence Guy — the guy who isn’t one of the team’s best players, but he’ll have stretches in which he THINKS he is.

-Bill Simmons 614 days


Five Guys Who Deserve More Minutes

Sports-kings.com  -  1. Larry Sanders – Gumby is averaging over 3 blocks a game despite playing less than 25 minutes per game. He shoots 54% (mostly dunks) and pulls down 8.6 boards a game. His per-36 numbers are astounding, where he averages a combined 5.8 blocks+steals a game. On Thursday against Phoenix, Sanders poured in 19 pts and collected 15 rebounds against the Polish Hammer, who finished with 10pts and 5rbs. 636 days


Top 5 Kevin Garnett trash talking incidents

Sports-kings.com  -  In light of Honey Nut Cheerios having their own form of an economic stimulus courtesy of the Kevin Garnett/Carmelo Anthony feud, this got us at Sports-Kings thinking about the usually notorious trash talking incidents Kevin Garnett has been part of. Although KG has had many incidents with players we’re going to stick with the trash talking and not the “punching and elbow” incidents. Sorry Wally S 648 days


Is Doc Rivers lying? NBA source tells SNY.tv Kevin Garnett did make Cheerios comment

Nysportskings.com  -  One thing is for certain, somebody isn’t telling the truth. Since earlier this week when Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett had their glorified tiff, we’ve heard non-stop about the Honey Nut Cheerios debacle. However, Doc Rivers has since come out and refuted the story saying he knows it didn’t happen for a fact. 649 days


Metta World Peace gets his ideas from sitting on the toilet; gets ready to host charity stand-up

Sports-kings.com  -  Metta World Peace will be hosting “Comedy Slam Dunk” tonight from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., a charity driven stand-up, at the Laugh Factory. Now where exactly will he be getting his material to do his standup, one might ask. Well, according to Peace, he gets most of his ideas from the toilet. Is it just me or have we been hearing too much athletes on toilet talk lately? 762 days