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Raiders CB jumps over car for $200

Minustwentytwo.com  -  Here is Taiwan Jones jumping over a car for $200 (Video) 451 days


Official trailer released for 'NBA 2K14'

Thatnbalotterypick.com  -  Previously on That NBA Lottery Pick, we featured some clips from NBA 2K14 starring LeBron James and today, the fine folks over at 2K Sports have released the official trailer for the game. 452 days


Magic's issue with LeBron's rankings

Ngngsports.com  -  Magic Johnson took to Twitter to take issue with King James leaving him out of his rankings of the top three players of all-time. 457 days


RG3 fined for wearing adidas shirt

Thekevinburkeproject.com  -  Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has been fined $10,000 by the NFL for donning an adidas shirt that read "Operation Patience." 458 days


Toronto mayor will arm wrestle Hulk Hogan

Withleather.uproxx.com  -  Rob Ford Will Arm Wrestle Hulk Hogan, Has Never Heard Of WrestleMania VI

457 days


Payton takes credit for Iverson rant

Bloguin.com  -  Gary Payton claims that a conversation over drinks with Allen Iverson ultimately inspired the infamous "We're talking about practice" rant. 457 days


A-Rod stuns with self-deprecating answer

Thenosebleeds.com  -  Alex Rodriguez asked if Ryan Dempster should be suspended, gives best answer possible 460 days


NCAA declares Marine ineligible

Thevictoryformation.com  -  Just the latest installment of 'Terrible things that the NCAA has done or said that make no sense to anyone' 461 days