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Max Scherzer’s contract rejection and what the rotation could look like in 2015

Motorcitybengals.com  -  For the Tigers, I think the Scherzer extension was more of a priority this spring than what they led on. The Tigers wanted two aces in their rotation for the next five to seven years, and they felt that Scherzer would cost them less if they could sign him before the season. 243 days


Jose Valverde Makes New York Mets Opening Day Roster as Primary Setup Man

Motorcitybengals.com  -  And you thought the Detroit Tigers had bullpen problems.

The New York Mets confirmed today that Jose Valverde will make their Opening Day roster and will serve as the team’s primary setup man. 243 days


Re-Assessing The Detroit Tigers’ Payroll Situation

Motorcitybengals.com  -  I think the object lesson learned here — for the second season in a row — is to never underestimate Mike Ilitch’s desire to build a winner and his willingness to commit to some large contracts in that pursuit. 707 days


Were The Detroit Tigers Prepared To Ship Out Nick Castellanos For James Shields?

Motorcitybengals.com  -  if it eventually took a package of Wil Myers plus other not-insignificant prospects to land James Shields (and Wade Davis), then one could conclude (speculatively) that the Tigers were willing (or in the process of contemplating their willingness) to offer up top prospect Nick Castellanos. 714 days


Pelosi ties UFL financial issues to workers’ compensation premiums

Profootballtalk.nbcsports.com  -  As the UFL finally descends into the ashes, hopeful that a phoenix finally will fly out of the financial morass, the owner of the league’s Sacramento franchise claims that the back breaker came from the program aimed at helping guys who have broken their backs while working. 763 days


Pro Bowl could still go bye bye

Profootballtalk.nbcsports.com  -  In what hardly will classify as the most dramatic revelation of the year, Commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday at a town hall meeting sponsored by SiriusXM radio that the Pro Bowl could be abandoned, eventually. 763 days


World Series Schedule And Start Times Finalized By Major League Baseball

Motorcitybengals.com  -  The quick version: all games start at 8:00 PM (eastern) and will be broadcast by Fox.

The slightly longer version:
764 days


Tigers’ Right-Handed Pitching Staff Will Be Big Advantage In World Series

Motorcitybengals.com  -  It appears that dominant right-handed pitching can beat either team, and dominant right-handed pitching is what the Tigers have. 764 days