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Should Roger Goodell Step Down?

Kodyssportskorner.com  -  It has been a rough go for the NFL Commissioner as of late, it seems like every day is some new breaking news about something else to only help tarnish the shield. While he has been a tough commissioner to end off the field issues, it is this latest batch of domestic violence stories which have seemed to send him cowering into the corner 56 days


My Thoughts on Ray Rice

Kodyssportskorner.com  -  I am going to do something different here, and I am going to be very opinionated about this issue and will not hold back from telling it like it is from my perspective. This story has taken a few different twists and turns throughout the whole ordeal and at times I thought something more should be done, I wasn't going to be critical of anything because obviously the commissioner and the league ha 61 days


Battle of the Blue Bloods goes to UConn Huskies

Kodyssportskorner.com  -  In an ultra rare match-up between a seven and an eight seed in the National Championship game, it felt more like a battle of two traditional powers who are ranked number one. While both teams have a pedigree of championships, both of these teams are on the way back up form a down turn the last few years.
230 days


Mustangs race past tigers to advance

Kodyssportskorner.com  -  SMU Mustangs defeat Clemson 65-59 to advance to NIT finals

In a recurring theme in the NIT tournament, the Mustangs came out looking sluggish and had trouble getting started in their semi-final game at Madison Square Garden, and they once again went in at the half with a deficit. But in True SMU fashion, they fought back and snatched victory in the final minutes. 237 days


Dallas Mavericks playoff Chances

Kodyssportskorner.com  -  Do the Dallas Mavericks have a realistic shot to make the playoffs?

We have made it in the home stretch of the NBA season and with less than 15 games remaining the Dallas Mavericks are in position to sneak into the playoffs when many people within the area thought they wouldn't even be close. As of right now the Mavs are sitting in the 8th spot just a game and a half over the Phoenix Suns. But 238 days


Texas Motor Speedway unveils “Big Hoss”

Kodyssportskorner.com  -  Texas Motor Speedway has a special event to unveil world’s largest video board

Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage has always had a knack for finding ways to make Texas Motor Speedway more popular for the fans than it already is. He has done things like have dare devils doing stunts, and brought in some of the biggest name acts for pre-race entertainment. There was even an April fool’ 243 days


Bracket Mania

Kodyssportskorner.com  -  Do you have what it takes to win the Bracket challenge?

It is that time of year again; everybody will run around with “March madness” and be talking about, thinking about and focusing solely on how to do their brackets. Yes it is always fun when you are working on and creating each of your brackets, with the dream of just getting lucky on one. You will trash talk your friends, family and even 250 days


SMU Snubbed by Tourney; #1 in NIT

Kodyssportskorner.com  -  Sunday night we found out the SMU Mustangs were not picked to play in the NCAA tournament, which seemed to send a shock around the College Basketball world. Many of the experts had the Mustangs at least making the “first four” play in game if not being a middle seed somewhere in the tourney. But the selection committee ended up going against the Mustangs because of three tough losses to end the s 251 days