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Amazon.com  -  GoWallet track, manage, gift and spend your gift cards on your phone. 9 hours


Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of the NHL's Inevitable Expansion

Bleacherreport.com  -  It’s August, which means that anything approaching real news in the NHL is going to dominate the media landscape. When the story is something as explosive as a massive new wave of expansion teams, as reported by SportsBusinessNews.com's Howard Bloom, the attention of the hockey world is assured:The argument for and against expansion is long and complicated, with some clear benefits, some eq 13 hours


Predicting Kyrie Irving's Production as Cleveland Cavs' Third Wheel

Bleacherreport.com  -  No NBA player has had a better offseason than Kyrie Irving, whose role with the Cleveland Cavaliers has (thankfully) changed tremendously over the past few months. Irving will be taking a backseat to LeBron James and Kevin Love on the new-look Cavs, which could do wonders for him.When Irving burst onto the scene with a sensational 2011-12 rookie campaign, he was anointed the league's next great p 7 hours


queuing systems

Queuingsystemsexamples.wordpress.com  -  Examples of Resource Leveling were already presented in the previous section (see Figure 4.17 and Figure 4.18). An important special case, the queuing systems compensation capacity is at the employee level. Should- An employee whenever it- be avoided not work on two tasks at the same time. 9 hours


Who Will Step Up as Anthony Davis' Wingman Next Year for New Orleans Pelicans?

Bleacherreport.com  -  Burgeoning New Orleans Pelicans big man Anthony Davis is ready for everything.Ready to be the NBA's "next in line," as he was christened by reigning MVP Kevin Durant in the media. Ready to be Team USA's "main guy" like coach Mike Krzyzewski told reporters he would.Most importantly, Davis is ready to put the Pelicans on his back and fly—if he can find a co-pilot on t 15 hours


Rick Neuheisel Covered "Stairway to Heaven" on The Dan Patrick Show

Thebiglead.com  -  Hell yeah Rick can play. 11 hours


Centerplate Will Make Dog-Abusing CEO Volunteer At Dog Shelter

Feeds.gawker.com  -  Stadium caterer Centerplate announced that it is forcing Desmond Hague to donate $100,000 to form a charity called the Sade Foundation "in honor of the dog he mistreated in the elevator." The company is also requiring that he serve 1,000 hours of community service working with "an organization that serves to protect the welfare and safety of animals" as a condition to his continu 11 hours


One Year After PED Suspension, Brewers' Ryan Braun Still Playing from Behind

Bleacherreport.com  -  Boos and taunts still fling through the air like arrows whenever the Ryan Braun Traveling Carnival blows through town."You hear stuff, but fans are fans," Brewers All-Star catcher Jonathan Lucroy says. "They're going to do that. Their job is to yell at you."Earlier this month, Chicago and Los Angeles were particularly rough.Earlier this season, Boston and Philadelphia were especially throaty."It 1 hour 51 minutes