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Fantasy Dogma (10/1) – Tips & Tactics for Turning Your Team Around

Wp.me  -  If you had a lousy draft, you are likely freaking out and trying to figure out how to improve your team with assets that the rest of your league owners want to have no part of. This week’s Fantasy Dogma is going to give you some suggestions on how to “fix” the problem areas of your team through various tactics and perspectives. 1119 days


Fantasy Dogma – Rookie Running Backs: Target & Avoid

Wp.me  -  The overwhelming desire that fantasy owners have for finding that next star late in the draft is something that we all have. The key is managing that desire and using this against the other owners in your leagues. One thing that has caught my attention as I continue to watch mock drafts on various websites is that people fall in love with rookies, especially rookie running backs. Here are a few q 1256 days


Fantasy Dogma – #Mockthree Recap for Carolina Panthers

Wp.me  -  Since the last posting of Fantasy Dogma, I had the opportunity to participate in a Twitter based mock draft known as #Mockthree (Note: There was a #Mocktwo and #Mockone). The #Mockthree draft was put together by @EmPulse, @PFF_Zerodev and @CaliforniaJag, who did an outstanding job of putting the whole thing together (and are great resources for debating Fantasy Football by the way). #Mockthree at 1276 days


Fantasy Dogma – Go Mock Yourself!

Wp.me  -  To have an effective draft, you must be prepared and one of the best ways to be prepared for your draft is to participate in mock drafts. Most people are under the impression that mock drafts get started closer to the beginning of the NFL season. So you should start participating in mock drafts at the beginning of August right? Wrong, you should be either participating in mock drafts now or at le 1291 days


Fantasy Dogma – Key Nuance of Kickoff Rule Change Nobody is Talking About

Wp.me  -  NFL owners recently approved a rule change that will move kickoffs from the 30 yard line to the 35 yard line. At first blush, 5 yards appears de minimis (that's what she said), but in a game of inches there will be significant impact on both sides of the ball. All facets of the game will be impacted, which obviously will impact fantasy football, but what are we to make of this new rule change? Fo 1307 days