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76ers Fans: Why You Should Hate the Knicks | 76ers Central

76erscentral.com  -  It’s unfortunate, but sometimes rivalries get dubbed down. Much like the New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers rivalry. The rivalry has taken a backseat, mostly because both teams haven’t been too terribly competitive lately.

Now, with both teams primed to make the playoffs, and a battle for the 6th seed on the line tonight, here are some reason why as a Sixer fan, you should hate the Knicks.
1303 days


VIDEO: Carmelo Anthony appears on SNL as female athlete

Guyism.com  -  When Carmelo Anthony got traded to the New York Knicks, you knew it was just a matter of time before he took his talents to SNL. And I'll be damned, less than... 1304 days


On a Roll – Hottest Players in the NBA, Pre-Playoff Edition

Sportige.com  -  We're just under two weeks away from the beginning of the 2011 NBA Playoffs (April 16), my favorite time of the year. We thought it'd be a good idea who are the most deserving players in the league in recent weeks to be considered as being "on fire" heading into the post season. 1305 days


Warriors Do Not Need a Superstar - Just a Bunch of Good Role Players | March

Warriorscourt.com  -  Maybe this whole idea of the Warriors making a 'big splash' is the wrong way to look at it. Sure, if they had a chance to land LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony, I would strongly encourage the Warriors to make that move. But we all know that the Warriors do not have the assets to land a player like that and that right now, Oakland is not a desirable spot for free agents. Just ask David Lee who was 1308 days


New York Knicks Fans Have a Good Memory [PIC]

Thehoopdoctors.com  -  It will be a while before Knicks fans forget the Thomas era... 1311 days


Carmelo Anthony's Top 10 In-Game Sneakers

Thehoopdoctors.com  -  Check out our thoughts on the Top 10 Carmelo Anthony in game sneakers... 1311 days


Knicks and Carmelo Anthony, Despite Win, Shouldn't be too Happy

Sportige.com  -  Carmelo Anthony’s 39 points and the New York Knicks Finally winning is a reason to celebrate. Still, it doesn’t change the fact the Knicks have too many problems and flaws and won’t make it far in the 2011 playoffs. 1312 days


Carmelo Anthony: Weeks Biggest Sports Loser

Joshqpublic.com  -  After the Knicks’ 111-99 blowout loss to the Orlando Magic Wednesday night at the World’s Most Famous Arena, Carmelo Anthony responded by saying, “We need to relax and have fun.” Relax? Have fun? Hey Carmelo, are you out of your goddammed mind!!?? 1315 days