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'Madden 12' Predicts Matt Forte's 20 Carries & 20 Catches Will Propel Bears To Victory Over Packers | Da Bear Necessities

Dabearnecessities.com  -  EA Sports FAIL. 1088 days


Remembering the “Dream Team”

Thehoopdoctors.com  -  September 23, 2011 – R.S. De FranceWhen one thinks of the greatest professional sports teams ever assembled in all of sports, which squads come to mind?The 1927 New York Yankees, 1960’s Boston Celtics (11 Championships), 1972 Miami Dolphins (14-0), 1975-1976 Cincinnati Reds, 1980’s Los Angeles Lakers, 1980’s Edmonton Oilers, 1980’s Boston Celtics, 1984 Detroit Tigers, [...] 1088 days


JV for MVP? It's His to Lose

Motorcitybengals.com  -  For most of the season, we’ve anointed Justin Verlander as the American League Cy Young award winner. For most of the second half of the season, he’s been anointed by some as the American League’s Most Valuable Player. And I’m finding it difficult to disagree with the notion. 1088 days


Carlos Guillen's Injury A Blessing?

Motorcitybengals.com  -  It wasn’t much. Just a quick move to his left on a ground ball, and Carlos Guillen helped make the Detroit Tigers management’s decision easier. 1088 days


Week 3 Player Rankings / Injury Updates (Podcast)

Fantasy-info.com  -  Take a look at our week 3 player rankings and injury updates to get your lineups set. 1088 days


Calling for a Panther Victory Sunday

Feedproxy.google.com  -  I know we are all excited to see the Panthers get back to it this week. Some are curious to see what they look like without linebackers Jon Beason and Thomas Davis. Others are anticipating another big game by not-so-rookie QB Cam Newton. I’m especially excited to see some of the new pieces that have [...] 1088 days


VIDEO: Georgia Tech’s Stephen Hill makes amazing one-handed catch – FANATTIC NETWORK

Fanattic.net  -  Many of you probably saw either a picture of Atlanta Falcons rookie Julio Jones making an unreal one-handed catch in pre-game warm-ups prior to the matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This catch by Georgia Tech’s 6’5″ wideout Stephen Hill was en par with Jones’ catch– if not better– given it was in-game and made on a wounded duck of a throw. 1088 days


Brett Favre Is Back! Well, As A Color Commentator For One College Football Game Anyway | September

Awfulannouncing.com  -  Brett Favre is going to be a color commentator for a Southern Miss-Rice game. 1088 days