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Video: Basketball Husbands (Basketball Wives Parody) | Basketball N Entertainment

Basketball-n-ent.com  -  Ever wonder what the "Basketball Wives" tv show would be like the other way around with men instead? Well here it is "Basketball Husbands".Comedy parody of Basketball Wives. Watch it from the view of men instead of women. 1071 days


Amazing 5 Yr Old Hoops Prodigy Wins U19 Championship

Thehoopdoctors.com  -  This little guy has game. 1071 days


Cam F'in Newton - Breakout Fantasy Football Stud?

Fantasy-info.com  -  It didn't seem possible that Cam Newton would get off this kind of start, but after two 400 yard games, Newton is a top ten fantasy quarterback. 1071 days


No Hope of a Full NBA Season in 2011-2012

Sportige.com  -  Nearly three months, and we're still in the NBA lockout. Thursday labor talks between the owners and the NBA Players union didn't get them and us anywhere, with too much dollars, percentages and other matters that just can't be agreed upon. 1071 days


Kobe Bryant Gets A $6.7 million Offer To Play For Italian Team | Basketball N Entertainment

Basketball-n-ent.com  -  If you are familiar with Kobe Bryant’s background then you know he spent a good part of his childhood growing up in Italy while his dad played basketball there. And now “Virtus Bologna”, an Italian teams wants to give Kobe an opportunity to play for them for one season and make $6.7 million.
1071 days


ESPN Ignores History and Picks the Devils to Finish 12th in the East

Rantsports.com  -  I opened up my mailbox today and found my latest issue of ESPN the Magazine. This type of thing usually doesn't garner a story about it except this was the issues that included the 2010-11 NHL Preview. I'm always fascinated to read what the geniuses at ESPN have to say abut hockey and especially about the New Jersey Devils and this issue didn't disappoint. 1071 days


State of Nate - A Sneak Peak in Nate Robinson's Life | Sweater Punch

Sweaterpunch.com  -  I know what everyone’s been thinking this summer: “What the hell has Nate Robinson been up to this offseason?”

If you are like everyone else and looking for your fix of Nate, then you are in luck. Recently, Mr. Robinson started shooting and producing a monthly show about his personal life for his YouTube channel OfficialNateRobinson. 1071 days


Playoffs Getting Closer? (Rays vs Yankees)

Sportige.com  -  The New York Yankees didn't seem to be too torn up after Matt Moore tore through them in his first Major League start, earning the win in the Rays' 15-8 over the AL East leader, putting them two games behind the Boston Red Sox. 1071 days