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Andy Roddick and a A Future for a Tennis Players' Union?

Sportige.com  -  After Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Roger Federer voicing their opinion on the matter, Andy Roddick is the next of the World's top players to speak about the need of a Tennis Players' Union, the Scheduling problem and the chances of a strike. 1059 days


SEC Roundup: LSU’s #1, Players of the Week, What You Need To Know About Texas A&M

Rantsports.com  -  LSU is deservedly number 1 in one poll, but does it really matter? SEC players of the week. Everything you need to know about the SEC's newest member. 1059 days


Is Parise the Obvious Choice to be Devils Next Captain? | New Jersey Devils

Rantsports.com  -  In a recent New York Post article, Mark Everson proclaims, The (New Jersey) Devils must make Zach Parise captain. Normally I could care less what the Post or Everson has to say but when it comes to this particular subject they had my attention. And as tough as this is for me to admit, for once I have to agree. There I said it, now let me explain why. 1059 days


So the FedEx Cup ended up pretty dramatic after all

Sports.yahoo.com  -  Nine months. Dozens of golf tournaments. Hundreds of players. Hundreds of thousands of strokes. And it all came down to this: one sudden-death playoff, $11.44 million on the line.The FedEx Cup statistics were mind-numbing, the scenarios as absurd as election predictions after ten votes. At various times throughout the weekend at the Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta, at least a third of t 1059 days


Lions Set a Pair of Records in Win Over Vikings

Detroitjockcity.com  -  Two events from Sunday’s victory over the Minnesota Vikings will go down in the record books for the Detroit Lions. 1059 days


Picking up the pieces in the Big East

Collegefootballzealots.com  -  Pittsburgh and Syracuse are headed to the ACC and the Big East is fighting for their survival. Our Big East guy, Pete Sonski, takes a look at the current situation in the Big East. 1059 days


Is LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu a darkhorse Heisman candidate? – FANATTIC NETWORK

Fanattic.net  -  In three dominant performances on the defensive side of the ball in the early going this season, the LSU Tigers have looked like an NFL unit, one that will typically play offenses far too slow to react and have much success.

If there is an unspoken leader for the Purple and Yellow, it’s do-everything sophomore Tyrann Mathieu. Listed at 5’9″ and 175 pounds, Mathieu makes up for his lack of size 1059 days


New York Jets & Oakland Raiders Recall Hot Dog Incident | New York Jets

Rantsports.com  -  The New York Jets are in Oakland to face the Raiders for the first time since the infamous hot dog incident two seasons ago. The Jets won that meeting 38-0. 1059 days