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Watch Dwight Howard Crank Dat | Sweater Punch

Sweaterpunch.com  -  Watch Dwight Howard lean and watch Dwight Howard rock!

Dwight has never been shy in front of a camera or a crowd, so when Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat” came on at an event in Mongolia this summer he knew just what to do! In this video, Mr. Howard does the superman dance for his Mongolian fans and does not miss a beat. His dance moves were so infectious that he persuaded a young honey to get down wi 1054 days


Mistakes From Coaching Staff Costly in Game One Loss to Milwaukee Brewers

Rantsports.com  -  Looking across the game of baseball, it is hard to find a coaching staff more important to a team’s success than that of the Diamondbacks this season. You could even argue that Kirk Gibson and company were one of the biggest reasons for Arizona shocking the baseball world and making the playoffs this season. 1054 days


Top Ten Most Points in NHL History

Sportige.com  -  The 2011-2012 NHL season is nearly upon us, as the Boston Bruins hope to make a successful title defense. As usual with most leagues, we open the record books to check out and see if there’s any chance of a non Canadian in the top 10 players with the most points in NHL history (clue – there is, just one) and is anyone even remotely close to Wayne Gretzky (nope). 1054 days


The Biggest Game in Italy? (Juventus vs AC Milan) W/Highlights

Sportige.com  -  The slow and rough road back to the top of Italian football is filled with big wins, and Juventus got a big won over their biggest rivals tonight in Turin, beating very disappointing champions AC Milan 2-0 with a Claudio Marchisio brace. 1054 days


Umpire hit in face

Diehardsport.com  -  That one’s going to leave a mark. Home plate umpire Tony Randazzo took a pitch to the jaw during tonight’s game one between the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers. This full-count-pitch snuck by catcher Russel Martin and couldn’t have felt good striking him in the chin. Props @bubbaprog. 1054 days


Video: Andrew Luck's Superb One-Handed Grab

Kegsneggsblog.com  -  The favorite for the Heisman award and the likely number one pick in next year’s NFL Draft showcased he can do more than throw the football on Saturday. At this point, it’s just not fair. 1054 days


Notre Dame Cruises Past Purdue, Wins Third Straight

Rantsports.com  -  The Irish finally put together a complete 60 minutes of football in their 38-10 rout over Purdue on Saturday evening. Quietly, the Irish have won three straight games with a three-game homestand beginning next week. 1054 days


The Good and the Bad: Texas

Tinyurl.com  -  Leonard Johnson - The penalty on LJ in the second quarter killed the Cyclones. The defense was about to get off the field only trailing by 13 points. Instead, Johnson got called for a penalty after head-butting WR Jaxon Shipley. On the very next play, David Ash hooked up with Mike Davis for a long touchdown. That sucked all the air out of the team and Jack Trice Stadium.
1054 days