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Is Baylor’s lawsuit threat against SEC legitimate? – Bevo's Corner

Bevoscorner.com  -  Rumor has it that Baylor University is considering litigation against the SEC to prevent Texas A&M’s departure from the quickly crumbling Big 12 Conference.

Ever the agitator, Baylor has never been one to step aside when they feel their own interests are being compromised– either within, or outside of Texas — and have the political clout to deliver on promises of making things difficult.

958 days


Weather causes delays and problems across country in College Football | Kodys Sports Korner

Kodyssportskorner.com  -  Labor Day weekend is a time of celebration, because when Labor Day weekend rolls around, that means College football is starting up. It usually means that there will be a full slate of games starting on Thursday and going all the way through the holiday on Monday. Normally this weekend plethora of football goes off with no problems or even any real concerns, unless your team is on the losing end. 958 days


Penguins Sign Forward – Steel City on Ice

Steelcityonice.com  -  958 days


Ndamukong Suh Talks Detroit Lions Football with Dan Patrick

Sidelionreport.com  -  Dan Patrick gave Ndamukong Suh some time on his national radio show this morning. Here are some highlights: 958 days


BYU offense will test young Texas defense – Bevo's Corner

Bevoscorner.com  -  The young Texas Longhorns defense will face its first substantial test against the BYU Cougars this Saturday in Austin. It'll be a battle of toughness, and attrition, with the victor being the team that can establish their will in the early going. 958 days


Jaguars Home Opener Will Not Be Blacked Out

Rantsports.com  -  Despite having over 5,000 tickets still available for Sunday's home opener against the Titans, the Jaguars plan on buying the remaining tickets to prevent a blackout. Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver is setting a dangerous precedent by doing this. 958 days


The Detroit Lions Will Go 10-6 This Season

Sidelionreport.com  -  With the Lions first game only three days from now, it’s time to file away all those glowing stories of how the Lions are GOING to be the next big thing in the NFL. It’s time to PROVE that the Lions are for real. 958 days


Fatal Lokomotiv Crash Caused by Low Altitude, Signal Tower

Rantsports.com  -  Wednesday's Russian plane crash that killed 43 people happened when the jet failed to gain proper altitude and hit a signal tower. 958 days