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Panthers’ Cam Newton has Resurrected the Career of Steve Smith

Thepenaltyflagblog.com  -  Steve Smith, in already five games, has caught more than half the balls he caught in 2010 1109 days


NBA officially cancels the first two weeks of the season | State Of The Celtics

Stateoftheceltics.com  -  I'm sorry, fellow fans.

I know it's not my fault. I know that I have nothing to do with this. I know that I can't make it any better for you. I realize all of this. There's no reason for me to apologize, but I want to. 1109 days


NFL Power Rankings after Week 5 - Sports-Kings

Sports-kings.com  -  Week 5 NFL action provided plenty of suspense, as the Steelers, Raiders and Bills found themselves back on track with huge wins. The Jets and Eagles continued to stumble into mediocrity, Cam Newton came up just short again, and the Patriots, Packers, Lions and Saints continued to impress. Here are the NFL Power Rankings following Week 5: 1109 days


Soccer Fans do it Better (W/Vids)

Sportige.com  -  American sports fans vs the World? No chance. With all due respect to College Sports and their enthusiastic fans, soccer fans in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia are louder, more passionate and just look and sound better on video and live than any College Football or Basketball fans out there. 1109 days


Capitals ‘Grind’ Out the Win

Rantsports.com  -  The Washington Capitals improved their record to 2-0-0 after pulling out the shootout victory over the divisional rival Tampa Bay Lightning. It was the plugger third and fourth lines that produced when it mattered last night for the Capitals. 1109 days


Nick Fairley, on his Lions debut: 'I think I did OK'

Freep.com  -  Lions rookie defensive tackle Nick Fairley, the 13th overall draft pick, admitted he had a few nerves before he made his season debut in Monday night's 24-13 victory over Chicago.
1109 days


Photos: Team Wade Beats Team LeBron 141-140 In South Florida All-Star Classic Game | Basketball N Entertainment

Basketball-n-ent.com  -  Even with the threatening lockout situation going on that couldn’t stop the game of basketball from being played, for one night some of the NBA’s biggest names all gathered for an all star game in South Florida 1109 days


Bills Lose Receiver, Is T.O. on his Way Back to Buffalo?

Thepenaltyflagblog.com  -  With the Bills losing Donald Jones to injury is it possible that a Terrell Owens comeback is in the works? 1109 days