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Cristiano Ronaldo Not Scoring is Better For Real Madrid

Sportige.com  -  Two straight wins, one in the league (4-1 over Betis) and one in the Champions League (4-0 over Lyon), might be proof that with Cristiano Ronaldo not scoring but trying to become more of a team player, Real Madrid just might be a better team. 1107 days


Hillsborough Disaster Documents to be Released

Sportige.com  -  After a debate by British MPs and nearly 22 years, the full facts and documents relating to the Hillsborough disaster, resulting in the death of 96 Liverpool fans, will be released to the general public. 1107 days


The NBA: David Stern's Personal Bathroom | Sweater Punch

Sweaterpunch.com  -  Dear Mr. Stern,

This picture sums up the state of the NBA as we know it. Please do your job and end this dumb ass lockout. The way negotiations have been going does not give us fans much hope that their will be basketball in the near future. With this season basically in the crapper (see above picture), please do something to restore hope for us all. Thanks for the view inside your luxurious b 1107 days


The NFL’s Defensive State of Mind: - Sports-Kings

Sports-kings.com  -  I’ve recently landed myself directly on the conclusion that the NFL’s defensive state of mind is in the dumps. The year is 2011 and defense in the NFL has gone fishing. Five-wide sets, two tight end packages, and passing the ball in the 4th quarter with a lead, opposed to eating clock, have become as common as shoulder pads. 1107 days


Magic Johnson Insults LeBron James

Kingjamesgospel.com  -  No one can miss an opportunity to take a shot at LeBron James. He has very quickly become the world's most talked about athlete, yet it seems now even the fence sitters and people who previously had his back are beginning to join in on the hating and joke making. Enter Magic Johnson. 1107 days


Neither Jim Schwartz nor Jim Harbaugh apologizes for action after game

Freep.com  -  Lions coach Jim Schwartz called his post-game incident with 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh "regrettable" but stopped short of apologizing for his role in the handshake everyone was talking about Monday -- including the NFL.
1107 days


Delonte West's Other Alter Ego "Butterscotch" | Sweater Punch

Sweaterpunch.com  -  “Chocolate drop and marshmallow equals smores…I got bars!”

That’s right, the gibberish above means that Delonte West is back in the news! West’s new alter ego Butterscotch, a smooth cat from the south, speaks about his beef with rival pimp, Chocolate Drop. Apparently Chocolate Drop is long time buddy and comedian Kevin Harts doppelgänger. Delonte seems to be doing his best to keep himself occu 1107 days


Notre Dame Football: USC Week Finally Here | Notre Dame Football

Rantsports.com  -  The week that Irish fans wait for all year long is finally. The Southern California Trojans invade Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday to kick off yet another year of the best cross-country rivalry in all of college football. Both teams will be fighting for the Jeweled Shillelagh trophy. 1108 days