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Joe Haden's Funny New Car Commercial | Sweater Punch

Sweaterpunch.com  -  Joe Haden is a guy that knocks down a lot of passes and now he is helping to knock down car prices!

That’s right, Cleveland Browns standout cornerback Joe Haden gets to show off his acting chops in this new car commercial for Serpentini Chevrolet in Ohio. The personable football star has really won over the fans in Cleveland for both his on-field play and very visual support off the field for 1124 days


Ty Lawson Frustrated With His Lithuanian Team Zalgiris Kaunas

Basketball-n-ent.com  -  Ty Lawson show his frustration on twitter with his Lithuanian team 1124 days


Kenneth Faried Sends Enes Kanter Packing

Thehoopdoctors.com  -  This play highlighted the game between Big Blue All-stars and Villains last night at Rupp Arena. 1124 days


(VIDEO) It Happened 25 Years Ago Today: Little roller up along first, behind the bag! It gets through Buckner!

Massholesports.com  -  It happened 25 years ago today. The Red Sox have since town two World Series so it doesn’t hurt anymore. It just doesn’t hurt anymore. But its still a huge part of Red Sox history so I am obligated to bring it up. 1124 days


West Virginia Headed to the Big 12

Clonesconfidential.com  -  With Mizzou most likely leaving for the SEC, the Big 12 will add West Virginia to be its tenth member. The formal agreement between the Big 12 and West Virginia could happen as early as tonight. 1124 days


Greg Gumble Bashes Hulk Hogan For Hating on Tim Tebow

Thepigskindoctors.com  -  Proving that he has his finger on the pulse of the nation, CBS Sports announcer Greg Gumbel just found out about the Hogan/Tebow rift. Right after discussing the issue of whether or not the league should have switched over from leather helmets to that new think called plastic, Gumbel grabbed a handful of Werther’s Original’s and had this comment: 1124 days


Duke's Rather Annoying Bobblehead Video "Big Heads"

Thehoopdoctors.com  -  Coach K, how you like this one? 1124 days


Ravens vs Jaguars - An Ugly Game of Monday Night Football

Sportige.com  -  The Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco had a night to forget (only 146 total yards), just a little worse than the Jacksonville Jaguars, led by Maurice Jones-Drew's running and Josh Scobee's kicking, beating the Ravens 12-7 on Monday Night Football without scoring a touchdown. 1124 days