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Girls of the 2011 World Series

Mysportsrumors.com  -  There isn’t much interesting me in this years World Series, I mean really it involves the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangesr. If you don’t live in the mid-west then what would interest you? What does interest me is the fans!! The hot mid-western, girl next door type fans. So let’s look at some pictures of some of the hottest Cardinals and Rangers fans. 1101 days


The Avalanche, The Best Traveling Road Show – Avs on the Rocks

Avsontherocks.com  -  Toronto was no match for the best traveling road show in October, the Colorado Avalanche. The Avs 3-2 overtime win showcased the team's strengths 1101 days


Jay Cutler Sends a F&^* You to Mike Martz (Vid)

Sportige.com  -  Even when Jay Cutler comes up with a very good game, leading the Chicago Bears to a 39-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings while throwing two touchdown passes and no interceptions, arguably his best game this season, something bad has to come out of it. 1101 days


Wolverines refuse to call Spartans dirty

Freep.com  -  Michigan State's heavily penalized play in Saturday's win over Michigan might have cranked the physical rivalry to another level. Six flags against the Spartans -- four personal fouls and two roughing-the-passer calls -- provided evidence that MSU was even more intense than usual.
1101 days


Cristiano Ronaldo Not Scoring is Better For Real Madrid

Sportige.com  -  Two straight wins, one in the league (4-1 over Betis) and one in the Champions League (4-0 over Lyon), might be proof that with Cristiano Ronaldo not scoring but trying to become more of a team player, Real Madrid just might be a better team. 1101 days


Hillsborough Disaster Documents to be Released

Sportige.com  -  After a debate by British MPs and nearly 22 years, the full facts and documents relating to the Hillsborough disaster, resulting in the death of 96 Liverpool fans, will be released to the general public. 1102 days


The NBA: David Stern's Personal Bathroom | Sweater Punch

Sweaterpunch.com  -  Dear Mr. Stern,

This picture sums up the state of the NBA as we know it. Please do your job and end this dumb ass lockout. The way negotiations have been going does not give us fans much hope that their will be basketball in the near future. With this season basically in the crapper (see above picture), please do something to restore hope for us all. Thanks for the view inside your luxurious b 1102 days


The NFL’s Defensive State of Mind: - Sports-Kings

Sports-kings.com  -  I’ve recently landed myself directly on the conclusion that the NFL’s defensive state of mind is in the dumps. The year is 2011 and defense in the NFL has gone fishing. Five-wide sets, two tight end packages, and passing the ball in the 4th quarter with a lead, opposed to eating clock, have become as common as shoulder pads. 1102 days