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The Tussle in Tuscaloosa; LSU/Bama Preview | Kodys Sports Korner

Kodyssportskorner.com  -  This weekend is going to be one of the biggest games of the season. It is being touted as “Armageddon in Alabama”, by news agencies and sports networks around the country. This is one of the rare, but very exciting “in season” matchups of a #1 team and a #2 team. This meeting though, will be an SEC battle between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. 1114 days


Welcome to the Big XII West Virginia | Kodys Sports Korner

Kodyssportskorner.com  -  The Big XII just recently introduced its newest member to the conference. The new member is going to be the West Virginia Mountaineers, who have decided to leave the Big East for the greener pastures of the Big XII. While this may be a very unorthodox marriage of school and conference, it will be a solid fit for years to come. 1114 days


Harding Gets Chance Against Canucks | Minnesota Wild

Rantsports.com  -  Josh Harding will get the start tonight for the Minnesota Wild as they take on the Vancouver Canucks. 1114 days


Blake Griffin Is Office Dunking | Sweater Punch

Sweaterpunch.com  -  Blake Griffin is back in part 3 of Panini America’s “The New Guy” skit.

Blake is known for his awesome dunking ability. The dude is a beast on the basketball court and he is now taking his talents into the office environment. In this clip, Blake throws down some nasty dunks throughout the Panini’s office. Griffin is quite the comedian and is really making the most of his time during the NBA lo 1114 days


Is Texas’ run first philosophy aggravating its wide receivers? – Bevo's Corner

Bevoscorner.com  -  Is Texas football depending upon the running game in Bryan Harsin’s new offense at the expense of being able to secure first-tier receivers going forward?

1114 days


The Oldest Rivalries in College Football

Sportige.com  -  LSU vs Alabama might be one of the oldest rivalries in College football, being played for the first time in 1895 with 74 games between them, but it’s nowhere near the oldest or most played in College Football. The South, or Deep South, is nowhere near the Big Ten when it comes to antiquity of the rivalry games. 1114 days


Baylor fan pays price on lost bet

Turfburner.com  -  Winning a bet is a good thing, losing on the other hand, not so good. 1114 days


Michael Jordan Hits Head on Backboard

Thehoopdoctors.com  -  Michael had some serious ups, right? 1114 days