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Top 5 Best Contracts in Baseball - Sports-Kings

Sports-kings.com  -  Top 5 Best Contracts in Baseball 1112 days


Shaq Uncut: Up Next Nate Robinson And Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis

Jocksandstilettojill.com  -  In another excerpt from Shaquille O'Neal new book, Shaq Uncut, Shaq goes in on former Celtics teammates, Nate Robinson and Glen 'Big Baby' Davis 1112 days


Newcastle's Shefki Kuqi on his escape from Kosovo | Football | The Observer

Guardian.co.uk  -  Newcastle is the latest stopping point of Shefki Kuqi's wandering career but nothing could ever be as dramatic as the journey he and his family made when they fled Kosovo in 1989 1112 days


Player and Play of the Week: Kansas

Clonesconfidential.com  -  Guyer made two huge field goals against KU yesterday. His first FG was a 32-yarder that put the Clones up 3-0 in the first quarter. The second ended up being the game-winning points. It came with 4:30 left in the game and Guyer drilled a 42-yarder that put ISU in the lead, 13-10. 1112 days


Dan Duquette Is Back In The Game? DAN DUQUETTE IS BACK IN THE GAME!

Massholesports.com  -  he Baltimore Orioles will name Dan Duquette as their next general manager. He's been out of Major League Baseball since being fired by the Red Sox in 2002 to make way for boy wonder, Theo Epstein.

Remember, it was Duquette who built the core of that 2004 World Series team... 1112 days


Top 10 Victims of the Madden Curse - Sports-Kings

Sports-kings.com  -  Most anyone who follows the National Football League enjoys playing Madden NFL, the best-selling football video game. And of course, most everyone who plays Madden, knows what happens to the player on the cover. Every year since 1999, a different player is picked for the cover of the game. And in some way, shape or form, that cover athlete gets hit by what’s known as “The Madden Curse”. 1112 days


Brian Wilson Tweets Picture Evidence Why LSU Will Beat Alabama | Sweater Punch

Sweaterpunch.com  -  Apparently there is no reason to watch the LSU/Alabama football game tonight, because Brian Wilson already knows who is going to win!

In addition to his College Gameday appearance, Brian Wilson tweeted some picture evidence as to why the LSU Tigers will defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide tonight. He claims that since Tigers “smash 100 lbs of meat per a night”, they will destroy any herbivore with 1112 days


Philadelphia Phillies Heavily Pursuing Twins’ All-Star Michael Cuddyer | Philadelphia Phillies

Rantsports.com  -  According to sources, the Philadelphia Phillies are heavily pursuing Minnesota Twins’ All-Star Michael Cuddyer.

Cuddyer, 32, can play three positions well: left field, right field, third base, and first base. He can also play a little bit of second base, left field, and center field. 1112 days