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BallTribe is a community for sports fans and bloggers to discover, share, and vote on the best sports news of the day from anywhere on the web. Meet other sports fans and bloggers, help each other out through voting and linking to each others submissions, and work together to ensure that only the best of the best content gets promoted to the BallTribe front page daily. is a socially curated news aggregator with a clear focus on the breaking sports news and blogs. BallTribe creates a medium for sports fans to vote on their favorite sports news submissions, and therefore lets the community decide which stories and opinion pieces of the day will be promoted to the front page of each sport category. The best of the best then get promoted to the site’s home page.

But we are much more than that…

BallTribe also allows users to create their own content through profile pages, forums, groups, and more. Interaction between sports bloggers and fans is possible through direct messages between profile pages, recommendations for friends, checking out what your friends are voting for, and commenting on site submissions.

We are a community where your average sports fans and passionate sports bloggers intersect to form a ‘Tribe’.

Ball Tribe was created because there are literally thousands of sports blogs out there on the Internet and reading them all on a daily basis would be virtually impossible for even the most passionate of sports fans. Users of the site can click through to read interesting sports articles and then vote for popular content in a very similar way to sites like Users are also free to write their own posts or submit a story from their favorite sports blog or news source that they think should be read by the community.

Even if you’re just a more casual sports fan and want to stay on top of the latest gossip for talks at the water cooler, the site will be of value to you for a regular visit. You can rely on the community of sports fans who will be voting the best sports content of the day to the front page of the site for a quick reference to what is trending in the sports blogosphere.

Ball Tribe will even come to you if that’s the way you’d like to digest sports news. We have an easy to subscribe to newsletter program, where you can select any of your favorite sport(s), and we will send you a daily newsletter right to your email inbox with the Top 5 most voted for submissions of the day for that particular sport.

Content promotion, SEO, and blogging leads, plain and simple! Where other social media news sites like Digg and Reddit discourage promotion of content by website and blog publishers, that is one of the main reasons of being for BallTribe. After the closing of Ball Hype many sports bloggers were left without a forum for promoting their content to other bloggers, whether they be small, medium, or large. BallTribe encourages it’s users to use the site to look for great content to link to, develop friendships with other bloggers, scratch each other’s backs, and help the sports blog community grow as a whole.

We also will provide an opportunity for bloggers all over the world to get access to breaking news, videos, pictures, and tweets related to their favorite sports, teams, and athletes in seemingly real-time to use as leads in their next blog post. All we ask of bloggers is that they be respectful of their fellow bloggers and give credit where it’s due via links to other sports blogs when you use any of their material on your own site. And hey, the occasional link to BallTribe where you first saw the post, wouldn’t hurt either, wink, wink,….

You’ve helped tremendously just by signing up and using Ball Tribe.  But if you want to help us grow our reader base which in turn will help us send more traffic to the best sports news and blogs that make it each day to our Hot News and Top Today sections of the site, there is something you can do.  If you own or operate a sports blog, you could link to BallTribe ( in your blogroll and/or let your readers know about BallTribe and that they can find your content on BallTribe. This will help drive more readers to the community, and also help you garner more votes on your site’s submissions.  If you link your readers to your profile page on BallTribe, there they can find a list and RSS feed to all your submitted stories to track your content and help you out with votes.

Thanks again everyone because without you, the fans and bloggers, there would be no BallTribe Community!

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