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Sporting KC goalie injured by thrown bobblehead – FANATTIC NETWORK

Fanattic.net  -  Soccer fans are known for one thing: being rowdy.

Typically, this doesn’t apply to MLS fans who are still learning the ropes of hooliganism, but last evening’s game between Sporting Kansas City and the Portland Timbers is a good start.

1163 days


Streaker invades pitch, gets caught in net

Lastangryfan.com  -  A rather humorous incident occurred Friday at the Africa Cup of Nations during a Group C matchup between Ethiopia and Burkina Faso, as a streaker invaded the pitch, only to get caught up in the back of the net 636 days


Soccer fan attacks ref with a vuvuzela

Gamedayr.com  -  South African soccer fan attacks referee with a vuvuzela [Video] 564 days


Is this the worst own goal of all-time?

Nextimpulsesports.com  -  Goalkeeper Makes Possibly Worst Own Goal Of All Time 529 days


Tim Howard for Sportsman of the Year?

Lhd-on-sports.com  -  Tim Howard is our Blog's Sportsman of the Week, should he be the Sportsman of the Year? 109 days


Lionel Messi – Two Goals in One Shot (VID)

Sportige.com  -  Lionel Messi only needs one shot at goal to score two goals. 1296 days


Time for soccer to leave Victorian age and turn to technology

Guardian.co.uk  -  Football's technophobia helped keep Chelsea in the Premier League title race and may have relegated Tottenham Hotspur to the Europa League after match officials wrongly adjudged that a Frank Lampard shot had crossed the line in this London derby. 1272 days


Lionel Messi Declares Endless Loyalty to Barcelona

Sportige.com  -  If Barcelona fans, real, new and those riding the trend, weren’t in love with the best player in the world by now, Lionel Messi declaring to never leave Barcelona to another European team will probably do the trick. 1214 days