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Smoke bomb injures players in Turkish soccer match (Video)

Holdoutsports.com  -  During a soccer match in Turkey between Trabzonspor and Galatasaray, two players were injured by objects (including a smoke bomb) that were thrown onto the pitch by fans from the stands 612 days


Goal of Year in the English Premiership – Wayne Rooney (VID)

Sportige.com  -  Wayne Rooney scores an amazing winner for Manchester United against their city rivals in the Manchester derby, maybe putting his season back on track and keeping United on theirs for a 19th league title. 1296 days


LeBron James to become minority leader of English soccer team Liverpool FC

Wptv.com  -  LeBron James just scored a major gooooal!

The All-Star forward for the Miami Heat has become a minority owner of the English soccer powerhouse Liverpool FC. 1242 days


Manchester United Fan Kicks Dude in the Balls | Sweater Punch

Sweaterpunch.com  -  I would not mess with the Manchester United fan from this video!

This chick loves her favorite soccer team Manchester United so much so that she will do anything for them…including kicking her boyfriend directly in the balls. The reason for this extreme action is that he is a Chelsea F.C. fan and needless to say she hates them. While I will never approve of such a violent act, it is quite effe 1026 days


French Soccer Teams Throw Down Following Match - Cosby Sweaters

Cosbysweaters.com  -  Red card anyone? 1006 days


Forbes Reports That Manchester United Is First Franchise Valued at $3 Billion

Bleacherreport.com  -  The English Premier League's Manchester United F.C. has become the first franchise of any sport valued at $3 billion worldwide, according to a report by Mike Ozanian of Forbes on Monday. 578 days


Back to Fabregas-Barcelona-Arsenal With a Torres Flavor

Sportige.com  -  Goalless Fernando Torres warns Cesc Fabregas about leaving Arsenal and the fan reaction while taking another stab at Liverpool. 1251 days


U.S. Women's soccer sing 'Party In the USA'

Sweaterpunch.com  -  The women’s U.S. soccer team decided to show off their national pride by singing possibly the greatest pop song of all time…’Party In the USA’! 768 days