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VIDEO: Fans of Argentinian club team River Plate riot following loss – FANATTIC NETWORK

Fanattic.net  -  Argentinian club soccer is followed as closely and with as much passion as any country’s club competitions anywhere else in world. Fans have neighborhood and regional ties to club teams that are generational, going back decades.

These passions can often bubble over and turn into violence when things go sideways. 1178 days


When Footballers Bleed... (Gallery)

Sportige.com  -  Soccer players do get criticized for being a tad soft at times. That is true, to a certain extent. There are those who fake, and there are times when players actually get injured and bleed as proof. 1245 days


Juan Agudelo is U.S. Soccer’s Next Big Thing. So When Does He Move to Europe?

Thebiglead.com  -  Juan Agudelo is American soccer’s “next big thing.” His budding career and his goal against Argentina suggest the hype may be legit. Not surprisingly, the 1253 days


HEAD SHOT Own Goal | Buzz | The Score

Thescore.com  -  Hilarious own goal 1089 days


Crazy Goal From 60 Meters in Norway (VID)

Sportige.com  -  Jon Andre Fredriksen of Norwaeigan club Moss with a great goal from his own half. 1168 days


Zidane headbutt statue unveiled at museum

Nesn.com  -  Zinedine Zidane sure went out with a bang. The French soccer legend’s last act as a professional soccer player was headbutting Marco Materazzi in front of a worldwide audience. That unforgettable moment has been immortalized in the form of a bronze statue, which was unveiled at Paris’ Centre Pompidou modern art museum

640 days


How is That Not a Goal? (VID)

Sportige.com  -  This case of a Costa Rican referee not allowing a completely legitimate goal is the most incredible no-goal incident I have ever seen. Worse then Frank Lampard and England by miles. 1317 days


Cristiano Ronaldo Not Scoring is Better For Real Madrid

Sportige.com  -  Two straight wins, one in the league (4-1 over Betis) and one in the Champions League (4-0 over Lyon), might be proof that with Cristiano Ronaldo not scoring but trying to become more of a team player, Real Madrid just might be a better team. 1064 days