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HEAD SHOT Own Goal | Buzz | The Score

Thescore.com  -  Hilarious own goal 1156 days


Top Scorers in the History of the UEFA European Football Championship (W/Vids)

Sportige.com  -  Platini, Henry and Zidane, but not a list only for Frenchmen - the greatest scorers in the history of the UEFA European Championship, the Euro. 1158 days


Fernando Torres; 50 Million Pounds to Chelsea, 50 Million Ways to Miss The Goal

Thefadaily.com  -  Fernando Torres has gone from the world's most feared striker to football's walking one liner. Sunday's game against Manchester United at Old Trafford showed the two sides of Torres, Liverpool Torres and Chelsea Torres. As for the Chelsea Torres, to me there is a glaring reason as to why he is now a shadow of the player he once was... 1158 days


The Jose Mourinho Excuses Party Begins

Sportige.com  -  Jose Mourinho could have just said that Real Madrid's 1-0 loss to Levante was because he made a mistake with the lineup and Levante actually played better. He probably should have, but the special one just had to start his excuses season early. 1159 days


Same Old Arsenal

Thefadaily.com  -  Arsenal continue to find ways to shoot themselves in the foot. Whilst they may be considered the most unlucky team in the Premier League, there is no doubting there are serious lingering issues within the club that have no been even slightly covered up by the panic buys at the end of the transfer window. We are seeing the same old Arsenal. 1163 days


Hope Solo Dominates Steve Nash in FIFA Match-Up | Sweater Punch

Sweaterpunch.com  -  Let the trash talking begin!

In this video, Hope Solo and Steve Nash face off in a “friendly” game of FIFA Soccer with some humorous results. After some playful banter and Steve comparing himself to gorilla and a leopard, the game begins and the smack talk gets a bit harsher. 1163 days


Cristiano Ronaldo Hated For No Reason?

Sportige.com  -  Cristiano Ronaldo is used to getting booed and jeered at every stadium he plays. Dinamo Zagreb fans' treatment of the Real Madrid star gave Ronaldo motivation to shed some light in a mixture of humor and arrogance on why he's booed by fans. 1164 days


Messi and Friends Stunned by Late Equalizer (Barcelona vs Milan) W/Highlight

Sportige.com  -  Alexandre Pato opened the scoring and Thiago Silva ended it, ending the Barcelona - AC Milan Super Clash in a 2-2 draw. In between? A lot of Barcelona possession, a bit of Lionel Messi (assist) and one wonderful David Villa free kick. 1166 days