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Time For Some Open Dialogue

from Nicholas J. Cotsonika of Yahoo,

The NHL says the ground rules are up for discussion. The NHLPA says the executive board and negotiating committee will consider it. We'll see if they can agree on this when they can't agree on so much.

Both sides are wary of exposing weaknesses the other side can exploit. Of course. Especially with potential legal battles looming. But isn't there also a time to finally lay your cards on the table? Wasn't it yesterday, or last month? As it stands now, the NHL is a house of cards, and a cold wind is blowing.

Let them get at the truth. Let the players find out if Bettman is really misrepresenting the owners. Let the owners find out if Fehr is really misrepresenting proposals to the players.

Is Bettman really out to crush the players? Is Fehr really out to crush the salary cap system? Do the actual owners and players really want to make a deal? If so, through all the rhetoric, what is really important to each side? How do they get this done?

If the owners are justified and united, if the players are educated and united, neither side should have anything to fear from a little open dialogue.

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