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Fight Video: Watch Wayne Simmonds demolish Eric Brewer

Sports.yahoo.com  -  We'll just go ahead and guess what the Liev Schreiber HBO 24/7 narration will be for this clip:"With his team down 3-to-1, forward Wayne Simmonds did as countless Philadelphia hockey players had done before him, dropping his gloves and engaging in fisticuffs with Tampa Bay defenseman Eric Brewer. His sheer brute force overpowered his foe; alas, it wasn't enough to power a Philadelphia rally." (An 943 days


Video- Eric Brewer Handled By Wayne Simmonds Tonight

Kuklaskorner.com  -  Make sure to catch the stick swing by Hartnell at the very end of the video. 943 days


Watch a Sharks fan throw an actual dead duck on the ice

Prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com  -  If you thought octopus tossing was gross, you haven't seen anything yet. 943 days


Canada thumps Vitkovice at Spengler Cup - NHL - Yahoo! Canada Sports

Ca.sports.yahoo.com  -  Most coaches would rave about offense after a 7-1 victory, but Marc Crawford was most impressed with his defense corps Monday.... 944 days


An Eight Game Home Winning Streak? – Avs on the Rocks

Avsontherocks.com  -  The Avalanche's eight game home winning streak included three shootout wins. Is that more probably than a nine game road losing streak? 944 days


Canada gets out of the gates with a win - Junior Hockey - Yahoo! Canada Sports

Ca.sports.yahoo.com  -  Mark Stone and Jonathan Huberdeau had instant chemistry playing on opposite wings during the Canadian junior hockey team's summer camp in August.... 944 days


Puck Daddy’s top 10 hockey fights of 2011

Sports.yahoo.com  -  There's no ignoring the elephant cracking its knuckles in the corner: Hockey fighting is in a weird place in 2011.The player safety debates all track back to fighting and its place in the game. The summer tragedies involving hockey fighters put the tradition on trial. The voices of media, doctors, former players and fans to ban it from the NHL has grown louder.The hazards are well-known and the c 947 days


Goalie undressing for the holidays

Awkward-sandwich.blogspot.com  -  The shootout is something that people are split on. I know a bunch of people who hate it because it's essentially a cheap gimmicky way to determine who wins a game.

But they are so much fun to watch. I mean seriously, anytime a shootout is on regardless of the team you watch it right?

Got me thinking about shootout strategies. I think there are four basic approaches:
1. You have the s 947 days