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Is it time for the Cowboys to rebuild?

There are very few words which will make a fan cringe, most of them are easy to shake off and forget but there is one word every fan dreads hearing and it is the infamous word rebuild. Any time a franchise takes the “rebuilding” stance, everyone knows it will take years for the team to get back to winning ways. In some cases, a franchise is in a constant state of rebuilding (See Jacksonville Jaguars).

The Cowboys were last a rebuilding project in the late 80’s and turned into the team of the 90’s. Ever since then, Jerry Jones has fought to keep the Cowboys at “status quo” and continue to recapture the winning ways of Jimmy Johnson. At times it has almost worked, but then they would have stretches of mediocrity. They are now stuck in a period of mediocrity and don’t look to be anywhere near capable of changing that. 664 days


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