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Can Collins “Kerry” the Colts?

On Sunday the Indianapolis Colts will start their 2011 NFL season without their all too reliable quarterback, Peyton Manning. Manning is still hampered by the neck that put him through two separate off-season surgeries, and cost him and entire preseason. Manning could be ready for their week two, home opener, against the Cleveland Browns. 1150 days



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thejazlive (#12) - 1150 days ago
David Garrard could do much better on the field than Collins, but I guess its too late now for the Colts. They got to stick with Collins until Manning comes back because Collins knows the system better than Garrard, so why bring in another QB. But I will stick to, think Garrard could do better than Collins.
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SportsKings24 (#36) - 1149 days ago
I really think, with the given update of Peyton's 3rd surgery, that they should extend a deal to Garrard. I just don't like Collins playing for up to the entire season.

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