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Kansas State, Ole Miss, & Sammy Watkins

The college football regular season is exactly one-half complete. Every year, every week, and every day for that matter, I am astonished how quickly the college football season comes and goes. Think of it this way, we’ve had 1.5 months of college football and it’s halfway over. 1.5 months into baseball season and we are in mid-May with 5.5 months of games left to play. In the NHL and NBA, at the 1.5 month point it’s mid-December and the Finals are in mid-June, 6 months later! Are you kidding me? It’s somewhat sad to be honest. But that’s what makes every Saturday all the more enjoyable and why every game means so much.

So who was good, bad and ugly this past weekend in college football? How about the top individual performers?
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