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NBA Legends Who Could Still Play in the League

Just when you thought you'd heard the last of Michael Jordan after his 50th birthday at the 2013 NBA All-Star Game, I'm here to pull you back in.Sort of.So, remember when Tim Grover, MJ's long-time trainer, thought that Jordan could outplay anyone on the Charlotte Bobcats' current roster and that he'd be able to average 20 points per game right now? And remember, about a week before that, when fellow North Carolina alum Antawn Jamison suggested that His Airness still has what it takes to contribute at a high level?Well, what if we expanded that conversation beyond just the greatest of all time? Which other retired NBA legends might still be useful in uniform today? Note: For the sake of this discussion, we'll limit the list to former players who are eligible for enshrinement into the Basketball Hall of Fame, at the very least.Begin Slideshow 642 days


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